Our Story

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Every family and every business has a story...and this one is ours.  As we continue to serve all of you, and you become part of our family, we look forward to your part in OUR story….Mangia!!!

Stella’s Pizza & Grille is the final destination in a lifelong journey by the proprietors, Estela Tommasiello and Nicky Miller.  A mother and son dynamic duo.  Estela carries the front of the house with her smile and charm, while Nicky leads the back of the house, as he puts his heart, soul, and multitude of culinary knowledge to good use. He creates delicious and comforting, homemade food, blending his own unique twists and signature on them.  It is for these reasons that you’ll keep coming back for more.  And we will be here waiting for you, to greet you with a smile and a fresh meal when you do.

We can’t wait to see you again!

The truth is that Stella’s Pizza & Grille would not be a reality without the lifelong, and constant nurturing support of Nicky’s Uncle Dev.  Sadly, due to an untimely passing, Uncle Dev never got to see Nicky’s dream of Stella’s Pizza & Grille come to fruition.  So, Nicky proudly dedicates “The “Uncle Dev” Philly Cheese Steak” (Uncle Dev’s favorite), to him, and his 3 beautiful girls that he left behind…Izabella, Michaela, and Gabriella.  Nicky also thanks the rest of the family for helping to spur him on to chase his dream of being a restauranteur.

Uncle Dev…This one’s for you!!!

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